Tiger Mountain

Go nose-to-nose with Amur (AKA Siberian) tigers on a woodland that recreates the Russian Far East. In this showcase of the Zoo’s animal enrichment program, discover how training, toys, and foraging games help the big cats stay fit and stimulated.

What to See and Do

Play with giant cat toys.
Sniff the musky scent that makes tigers react like cats with catnip, and test your strength on a specially designed tiger pull-toy.

See tigers jump; see tigers dive; see tigers do puzzles.
Watch our tigers stalk a deer hide that hangs overhead, cool off in their swimming hole, or rotate a treat spinner to find hidden snacks.

Be a field scientist.
Take note of signs of a tiger’s presence. Listen to a big cat roar and record your own tracks in a camera trap.

Saving Tigers in the Wild

WCS works in 9 countries throughout Asia, helping to save tigers, the prey species they depend on, and their remaining habitats. Our conservation efforts take many forms—from anti-poaching patrols in Indonesia, to community outreach programs in the Russian Far East, to wildlife population surveys in India. Watch our tiger expert videos and explore our map of tiger habitats to learn more.

After a visit with the tigers, head over to see the Big Bears!